Do you want to use an operator-assisted relay service when communicating with the CRA?

Do you want to use an operator-assisted relay service when communicating with the CRA?
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Did you know?
If you are hearing or speech impaired and thinking about using an operator-assisted relay service, you should know that authorizing a relay service company is not the same as authorizing a representative for tax purposes. A relay service’s trained operators are communications assistants who relay information between you and the CRA when you call us on the phone. The relay service company only has permission to communicate information between you and the Canada Revenue Agency.

If you want to use a relay service company to communicate with the Canada Revenue Agency, we need your permission to discuss your information with the relay operator. This permission is needed to protect your privacy, your identity, and to prevent fraud.

How can you authorize a relay service company?
To authorize a relay service company, write a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency containing all of the following information:

your name, address, and social insurance number
the name of the telephone company that you are authorizing
your signature and the date you signed the letter
Send the letter to your tax centre. The CRA will keep the information on file until you ask to have it changed. You can view an example of a relay service authorization letter on the CRA website.

Safeguarding personal information
Canadians depend on the Canada Revenue Agency to safeguard the personal information of all taxpayers. At the same time, we are committed to providing Canadians with a high standard of accessibility to our products and services.

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