Pay on line and save time

Did you know…
… that you can quickly and securely send a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) from your bank

The CRA’s new My Payment service can help both businesses and individuals simplify the process of making a
payment to the CRA. Now you can click your way to instantaneous payments—no more accounting for outstanding
cheques. This is an instant and immediate payment!

My Payment is provided through the Interac® Online service, and is available to most account holders with the
BMO Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank, and TD Canada Trust.

Another benefit of using My Payment is that you can send one payment to cover amounts for any or all of your
CRA accounts (both business and personal). Think about it: one transaction for all your accounts! What a time

To use My Payment, or to find out more about the service, go to