Teach students about taxes!

Teaching Taxes

This product provides secondary school students with information about Canada’s tax system, and their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers. It’s a great tool to help students get it right from the start and meet their tax obligations. The learning material is provided in 180 minutes of in-class instructions and exercises, available in a printed student workbook and an online teacher’s manual. Students are given information on:

  • why we pay taxes and how these taxes are used;
  • the various types of taxes and deductions and what they mean;
  • tax obligations, and benefits for students; and
  • how to prepare a simple income tax and benefit return.

Responsible Citizenship and Canada’s Tax System

Through this product, high school and post-secondary students can explore the relationship between taxes and the quality of life for Canadians. This online unit consists of 180 minutes of in-class instruction and interaction, and will help students learn about:

  • their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers;
  • the underground economy, its impact on society, and how it affects them; and
  • where their tax dollars go.

Every year, thousands of teachers across Canada use these easy-to-teach and flexible learning products to promote and strengthen financial literacy—an essential life skill.