Governments launch initiative to help students in trades succeed in business

Our government believes in equipping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow with the tools they need to succeed. This initiative will help them be fiscally responsible, adopting good business practices as they embark on their career in the trades,said Mr. Goguen. It is important to educate students on their tax entitlements and responsibilities, as well as the pitfalls of participating in the underground economy.

The initiative provides relevant information on tax credits and financial resources such as the tradespersons deduction for tools, the apprenticeship incentive grant, and the apprenticeship completion grant. The information and resource-based Web site ( also has links to career opportunities, bookkeeping, employee rights, and employer responsibilities. Other provinces and territories may participate in this initiative in the future.

This initiative is a unique gateway to government information and resources developed exclusively for trade students, said Minister Coulombe. I encourage all students to make use of this essential business tool.